Towing Class Action Settlement

If you were towed by Shamrock Towing or Camcar between September 1, 2008 and July 17, 2014, visit for more information and to make a claim. 


Two Central Ohio towing companies, Shamrock Towing, Inc., and Camcar, Inc., have reached a settlement agreement with a class of Ohio drivers who claim they were charged unlawful “administrative fees” when their cars were towed from private tow-away zones.

Under the settlement agreement, which is subject to final approval by Judge David Cain of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, drivers whose vehicles were towed from private tow- away zones by Shamrock or Camcar between September 1, 2008, and July 17, 2014, and were charged fees that made the charges more than a total of $90 for towing and $12 per day for storage may be eligible to receive settlement payments, which will range from $23 to $28 per tow. Both companies have stopped charging the contested fees, and the settlement prohibits them from doing so in the future unless there is a change in the law.

Under the settlement, class members who wish to receive payments must submit claim forms to a class action administrator. Members whose names and current addresses are contained in company records will receive claim forms in the mail with information about how to make claims. Signed claim forms may be submitted by mail or email.

Because company records may not contain all of the names and addresses of those who were towed, and some class members may have moved from the listed addresses, the settlement also provides for other ways for drivers to make claims. Drivers who have their own records of being towed and charged the challenged fees (such as a receipt or credit card record) will be able to obtain or download a claim form from the class action administrator and can submit the form with their documentation.

Drivers who did not keep their receipt, but who are certain they were charged the challenged fee by Shamrock or Camcar during the covered period, will be able to submit notarized claim forms verifying that they meet the criteria for receiving a payment. A driver who submits a notarized form without documentation can receive only one payment under the settlement.

The parties have tried to make the claim forms simple and user-friendly, but anyone who has questions about the forms, their eligibility, or the payment process can visit the settlement website,, or contact one of the law firms representing the class: the Gittes Law Group, at (614) 222-4735, Kitrick, Lewis & Harris Co., LPA, at (614) 224-7711, or Robert J. Wagoner Co., L.L.C., at (614) 796-4110.

The class action covers only Ohioans whose vehicles weighed less than 10,000 pounds (which covers nearly all non-commercial vehicles), and were towed from private tow-away zones (not public property, streets, or highways). The parties estimate that as many as 40,000 to 50,000 drivers may be eligible for payments, but only those who submit claim forms will receive payments under the settlement.

For further information about this release, please contact the following:

•    Fred Gittes of the Gittes Law Group, at (614) 222-4735, on behalf of the class;

•    Joshua Bills of Pelini, Campbell & Williams, LLC, at (614) 389-3605, on behalf of Shamrock Towing, Inc.;

•    Erica Probst of Kemp, Schaeffer & Rowe Co., L.P.A., at (614) 224-2678, on behalf of Camcar, Inc. and Shamrock Towing, Inc.

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