Each participation year, before your first term of enrollment, you will have the opportunity to choose if you do not want to participate in the student legal services plan with legal coverage provided by SLS. If you do not make a selection seven days before classes begin, your selection will be defaulted to enrolling in the legal plan. Coverage is from August 1 through July 31 of each academic year. 

If your first term of enrollment is Autumn Semester, your legal services plan fee will be $40; Spring Semester is $23; and first term of enrollment of Summer Semester is $6.

Your opportunity to opt-out begins when Ohio State posts your tuition and fees on your Statement of Account for your first term of enrollment for the year and ends when your fees are due for that term.  Late registrants should check their Statement of Account to verify their fee deadline.  Before the fee deadline, you may opt-out of the annual SLS fee directly on the Buckeye Link homepage.  Go to the Buckeyelink Homepage (do not log-in to your Student Center at this time).  On the Buckeyelink Homepage, in the search box at the top of the page, search for Student Legal Services.  Then, click on the Student Legal Services link and follow the directions. 

You only have the opportunity to opt-out of the plan during the first term that you are enrolling for the participation year. If you opt-out of coverage of the SLS legal plan, you will not be charged our fee and will be ineligible for legal service for the entire participation year. If you opt-out, you cannot enroll in the service until the next academic year, no exceptions, even if a legal issue later arises.

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