Off Campus Housing Video Series

Know your rights and responsibilities as a tenant living off-campus. In this series of short videos, Student Legal Services covers the topics students and parents need to know!
Smooth Move

Not all landlords are bad people, but they are business people.  And, they make money from students like you.  In this video you'll learn how to be an educated consumer as you search for and evaluate off-campus housing and landlords. 

Lease Review

A lease is a legal contract obligating students (and sometimes their parents as guarantors) to pay thousands of dollars.  Learn how to a lease review from Student Legal Services can benefit and protect you!

Move In Musts

The instructions for all you need to do at move in to protect your security deposit and ensure a smooth transition to off-campus living.  

Getting Repairs

Learn how to ask your landlord to make repairs and what steps you should follow in order to have them completed in a timely manner.  


Why your roommate choice is just as important as your housing choice and how to prepare for a great year!

Renters Insurance

Your landlord's insurance does not cover your personal property.  Find out why you need Renter's Insurance and where to get it!

Sale of Rental Property

Learn what happens when your landlord sells the rental property you're living in.