Student Legal Services office looking from ground up

Eligibility for legal advice and representation

Student Legal Services provides legal advice, representation, education and resources to eligible Ohio State students.

Eligibility for services

To be eligible for services, a student must:

  • Attend Columbus campus;
  • Be in a degree seeking program;
  • Be enrolled in at least one non-distance learning course;
  • Have the primary role of student (versus employee); and
  • Remain enrolled in the SLS program for the participation year in which student is seeking services.

Legal services are not available to faculty, staff, administrators, parents, spouses, dependents, friends or partners of eligible students who are not otherwise eligible and have not paid the SLS fee.

Student Legal Services fee

Each participation year, before a student's first enrollment term for the year, eligible students are enrolled in the Student Legal Services plan.  Enrollment provides legal services to students through July 31 of the participation year.

If your first term of enrollment is Autumn Semester, your legal service fee is $40.00 and your services begin August 1. The fee is prorated for those students who enroll in later semesters. Spring Semester is $23.00 and Summer Semester is $6.00.

Students may decline SLS coverage before the tuition and fee deadline for the first term of enrollment, directly through BuckeyeLink. We suggest you visit the BuckeyeLink homepage, but do not log in to your Student Center. On the homepage, in the search box, enter "Student Legal Services". Then, choose the Student Legal Services link and follow the directions.

We urge you to carefully consider the decision to decline coverage. Students who waive coverage cannot reverse this decision later in the year when a legal issue or question arises, no exceptions.