A student who seeks counseling and representation from SLS has certain obligations as a client. Some basic duties which are vital to any attorney/client relationship include:

  • Advise SLS of a change of mailing address, telephone number, or e-mail address at the earliest opportunity.
  • Always attend all scheduled appointments, hearings, or trials.
  • Always bring all documentation or other information relating to the legal problem to any meeting with your attorney.
  • Always be honest. An attorney must know all the facts, both good and bad, to properly represent a student.
  • Be prepared to pay for all filing fees, fines, and other court costs necessary to prepare, file or conclude the case.

Failure to adhere to these simple but necessary responsibilities may cause SLS to withdraw from your case.

NO SHOW POLICY: SLS has a No Show policy in order to ensure access to an attorney for all students. If a student schedules an appointment and fails to appear, fails to cancel in advance, or is ten minutes or later to the appointment four (4) or more times in any single year, that student may forfeit SLS eligibility for the remainder of that year.

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