Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Student Legal Services. Students should also feel free to call or email Student Legal Services if their questions are not answered here.

Student Legal Services at The Ohio State University (SLS) is a non-profit law office that provides legal advice, representation, education, and resources to Ohio State students regarding the legal issues students typically face. 

No.  Student Legal Services contracts with Ohio State to provide legal services to students.  And, Student Legal Services is the only law firm that contracts with Ohio State to provide services to students.  Because our only clients are Ohio State students, SLS is highly invested in its partnership with Ohio State. SLS staff knows about the many resources Ohio State provides students, and works closely with Ohio State partners to ensure student success.   

Yes. Student Legal Services assists thousands of Ohio State students each year with various legal issues.  Once the student turns 18, they are legally considered to be an adult. Most students, however, are relatively inexperienced and have few resources available to handle legal issues that could significantly impact their future lives and careers.  In many cases, timely legal assistance can minimize long term ramifications and reduce distractions from a student’s academic focus.   

Yes! Student Legal Services employs nine lawyers licensed to practice in Ohio with offices conveniently located in the South Campus Gateway.  

No.  Information that a student gives to an attorney in confidence regarding their case is considered privileged information.  Privileged means the SLS attorney, or anyone else that works in the SLS office including front desk staff, cannot disclose the information to any other person without the student’s consent.  Additionally, because Student Legal Services is not a University department, we are not considered mandatory reporters and have no obligation to inform the University that a student has visited our office. 

A student can decide to waive attorney-client privilege and allow another person to consult with SLS staff about the student’s case.  The student must complete a written waiver with Student Legal Services before SLS staff will speak to anyone else about a student’s case.   

Generally, yes.  SLS lawyers are in Franklin County Municipal Court every weekday representing Ohio State students charged with criminal misdemeanors and traffic offenses.  SLS also represents students involved in civil and landlord-tenant litigation in Franklin County.  SLS also represents students in immigration and naturalization matters.  While SLS generally does not represent in courts outside Franklin County but still in Ohio, SLS regularly provides legal advice for those matters.  Students eligible for SLS services at Ohio State, are also eligible for services at Wright State, Kent State, Bowling Green, Ohio University, and Toledo.   

Ohio State students enrolled on Columbus main campus in a degree seeking program who are not considered primarily “Staff” and who have not waived the SLS program are generally eligible for services.   

For more information about eligible and the SLS fee, visit the Eligibility page.  

Call or email Student Legal Services.  Our friendly staff can help you determine whether you should schedule an appointment with a SLS attorney, or can help point you in the right direction if SLS is not the appropriate resource for you.