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Student Legal Services is here to help ALL students, including you.  International students make up about 18% of SLS clients.  We want you to succeed here and we will do our best to help you do just that. Unfortunately, SLS cannot provide you advice or representation about immigration related matters.  For referral to immigration attorneys or resources, please email us at studentlegal@osu.edu.  For non-immigration related issues, if you want information about your legal rights, have legal questions or a legal issue, schedule an appointment to meet with a SLS attorney (click here).

Below are three very important topics that we want international students to know about: 

1. If you plan to drive a car, you must obtain a driver's license AND car insurance. 

Do not rely on your friends only for advice about driving and insurance information. Your friends may mean to give you good advice but they may be wrong.  For information about obtaining your license and getting car insurance, refer to this useful guide from SLS (click here).   You can also find a list of insurance agents to obtain car insurance (click here). 

You can also view a presentation on driving, car insurance, car accidents, buying and selling cars, car repairs and much more below. 

2. Off-Campus Housing: Your Rights and Responsibilities Under Ohio Law

We know this may be the first time you're living away from home.  And that can be overwhelming.  We want to help.  If you haven't already, schedule an appointment for a lease review. Even you already signed your lease, make an appointment to come speak to a SLS attorney about your lease, the legal terms contained in it, your rights, and your responsibilities as a renter in the off-campus.  

When you are in your off-campus apartment or house, if you have problems and need help, schedule an appointment. Students come see us when they can't get repairs made to their apartment, or they are unhappy with their living situation and want to know their rights and responsibilities if they terminate the lease, or when they do not get their full security deposit back.  If you don't know whether your issue is covered by our services, call us and let us help you figure out if you should come see us or if there is another resource for you. 

You can also find really great resources about living in Columbus from Ohio State's Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services.  You should definitely read through the Off-Campus Living Guide.

To learn more about off-campus housing law and other civil laws, check out the video below! 

3. Public and Personal Safety 

You may be nervous based on what you've seen and heard before you arrived here about interacting with Police.  Police enforce the law but are also supposed to protect indviduals.  If you are stopped by police on the street, you need to stop and identify yourself.  You do not necessarily have to answer any questions beyond identifying yourself.  If you are driving and an officer signals you to pull over (sirens, flashing lights, and/or hand signals), you must pull to the side of the road. 

For tips and information about how to stay safe on and around campus, visit Off-Campus and Commuter Student Service's website (click here).

Sexual violence, sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking are crimes here in the United States.  It does not matter if you know the person who assaulted, harassed, harmed and/or stalked you.  Even if it is a boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, partner by marriage or commitment, it is still a crime.  If you have experienced sexual violence, intimate partner or domestic violence, stalking or sexual harassment, there are resources available to you.  If you want help navigating those resources or to know more about your legal options, schedule an appointment to speak to a SLS attorney (click here).

For more information about public and personal safety for international students, check out the video below.

Are you sad? Missing home? Anxious? Stressed out? Or just not feeling like your usual self? 

Counseling and Consultation Services has resources specifically for international students.  To find out more, visit their specific website page regarding multilingual services: http://ccs.osu.edu/the-spice-of-life-celebrating-diversity/international-students/.  

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