All services provided shall be in accordance with applicable law, including but not limited to Ohio Revised Code § 3345.022, as may be amended from time to time. Pursuant to this law:

SLS may not represent students against any of these individuals in their performance of their respective duties: state officer; law enforcement officer; or member of the board of regents or of the board of trustees, faculty, or staff of a college or university.

SLS may not represent students against: The Ohio State University or any student attending The Ohio State University, or any other University participating in a SLS plan.

SLS may not represent a student in any Academic Misconduct or Student Conduct hearings.

In addition, legal services are not available to faculty, staff, administrators, parents, spouses, dependents, friends, or partners of eligible students who are not otherwise eligible and have not paid the SLS fee. Students’ primary role with Ohio State must be as a student, not an employee, to be eligible for services.

No campus organization, student business, student club, fraternity, sorority or other such entity shall be advised or represented by the legal service SLS, but these programs can use the educational outreach services offered by SLS.

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