Off-Campus housing resources

Student Legal Services aids Ohio State students as they transition to moving and living off-campus.

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Lease Reviews

Leases in Ohio are not standard and can differ by property. Student Legal Services’ professionals will review a student’s lease with them line-by-line and explain their rights and responsibilities under Ohio law.
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Getting Repairs

Student-tenants should notify their landlords, in writing, about necessary repairs. A sample notice to repair is linked below. Students should keep a copy of the notice for their records. If the landlord does not make requested repairs, students should schedule an appointment with SLS as soon as possible.
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Security Deposits & Moving In and Out

At move in and move out, student-tenants should complete checklists to document the condition of the property and also take pictures and video of any damages to the property. Keep a copy of checklists, pictures, and video. Sample checklists are linked below. If students do not receive their security deposit back, they should schedule an appointment with SLS.
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Living off-campus with roommates is like living with roommates on campus, except now, there is a financial relationship. Most leases in Columbus contain a “joint and several liability” clause that means if one roommate does not pay rent or causes damages, everyone is potentially liable for the unpaid rent and damages. Complete an off-campus Roommate Agreement to prevent potential issues.
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A sublease is an agreement between a tenant and another person which states that the other person will take over the tenant’s lease for a certain period of time. The original tenant remains primarily liable under the lease to the landlord, even though the other person is now living in the place. If you are subleasing your place, or planning to sublease from someone else, you should draft a sublease agreement. You will find a sample below.
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Renter's Insurance

Student Legal Services highly encourages students to purchase renter’s insurance. Generally, your landlord’s insurance does not cover damage to your personal property. Renter’s insurance is designed to protect you from losses to your property from a variety of scenarios including acts of nature and theft. Follow the link below for more information and a list of local insurance agents.